Georgia ACDIS

Georgia Chapter
Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity 

We welcome you to our webpage and invite you to stay connected with us 24/7 through this website, on Facebook, and at our events both online and in-person. We are a professional, educated, and networking group of CDI specialists with a mission to advance the CDI profession and to support our own career development. We achieve our goals by engagement in quarterly meetings, community service, educational offerings, and team building while adapting to the evolving healthcare systems. Each year, we collect dues to sustain our endeavors and encourage our mission sustainability. We are lucky and grateful to have been gifted with a remarkable team of leadership.

Please keep in mind all members of the Georgia ACDIS board and leadership are participating on a volunteer basis in addition to their full-time work and families. We try to minimize third party assistance when possible to keep cost down, thus occassioanlly there will be unintentional oversite or delays.